Matomo Analytics Experts


Tired of Not Having Full Control of Your Web Analytics Data?

Matomo Analytics is the leading open source analytics platform. Matomo can be installed on your infrastructure or on your cloud hosting service and all of the web analytics data is stored and owned by you. We can also host Matomo for you on the Vaultalytics Cloud. You can ensure privacy, reduce sampling, and gain deeper insight by using the leading on-premise web analytics platform. We are Minnesota's leading Matomo experts.

Matomo = Privacy + Quality Data

The days of unrestricted data collection are over. GDPR, CCPA, and laws being written and debated by numerous governing bodies are changing how we capture, store, and use web analytics data. Matomo Analytics has privacy features that support data anonymization, data request fulfillment, and data deletion with control of your data other platforms can't match. Also, your analytics data is never sampled. If you're tired of storing your web analytics data in 3rd party data centers or paying too much for web analytics software, then its time to move on to a web analytics platform that puts you in control.

What Makes Matomo Better?

Imagine receiveing a request to delete the data for a web user and having to submit a support ticket to Google or Adobe to fulfill the request. Or not being absolutely certain how your data is being utilized. Giving your data away is risky and gives control to organizations that sell advertising. Matomo is focused on insight and analytics, and can be customized with plugins to match your business needs. It also has features that allow adequate anonymization to conform to privacy laws, allowing you to collect better data with minimum risk. Neither Google nor Adobe Analytics allow you to adapt their platforms to meet your business needs. Matomo is designed for you and your business.

Expertise Matters

Vaultalytics has been working with Google, Piwik, and Adobe analytics products for over 12 years, gaining expertise in tag management and analytics implementation as these technologies have evolved. When Piwik rebranded as Matomo and doubled-down on building an ethical, privacy-focused analytics platform, we saw the future of web analytics. When you share your web analytics data and store it in Google and Adobe data centers, you give them control. We can help you take back control of your data.

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