Matomo Analytics Plugins

by Scott Fillman

Posted on Nov 12, 2020

Extending Matomo

Matomo, the open-source, self-hosted, and ethical analytics solution, can be extended via an extensive plugin library. Adding plugins is simple and allows additional analytics features to be added to your Matomo installation. The creators of Matomo, Innocraft, have created a number plugins. Some are paid (premium) and some are free.

Free Plugins

A number of free plugins exist within Matomo's marketplace. Some allow bot traffic to be logged and reported and other free plugins allow alerts to be configured and sent when specific conditions or thesholds are met.

Paid Plugins

Matomo offers a full suite of well-supported premium add-ons that are developed and maintained by the core development team at Innocraft. Plugins range from Custom Reports to Attribution Model Comparison tools, and even include extentions that build heatmap reports and allow A/B testing within the platform. The plugins developed by Matomo/Innocraft are undoubtedly safe and secure. Third-party developed plugins are likely safe as well, though it is advised to complete some due diligence when researching the developer and maintenance cadence.

Is It Worth It?

Aside from the level of control that Matomo provides for your analytics capability, the ability to customize and adapt your implementation to meet your business needs via plugins makes Matomo the premier analytics solution for small and medium size businesses that want enterprise features and flexibility at a reasonable price point.

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